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Category: Medical Alert Systems
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Ackerman Security Systems Review

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Ackerman is better known for its security systems but it also offers a medical emergency monitoring service. They both work in similar ways: essentially you send a signal to the monitoring centre, which then contacts you using a 2-way communication device, and emergency help is sent if it's required. There's very little to the Ackerman website with regard to medical monitoring, though, and it really feels like an afterthought rather than a well considered and professionally run operation.

This doesn't bode well, does it? If the company cannot even provide basic information on their main website then what hope is there that their service will be any good? Well, something that does set them aside and shows that they are aware, somewhat, of their clients' needs is this: they ask for your medical history. On registration you are asked to provide important medical information, and whilst this might seem intrusive it's actually for the purpose of improving the chances of saving your life if something should happen. If you do need medical assistance the Ackerman team will access this medical information and relay it to the paramedics, saving time and also making sure that they have accurate information on your health by the time they arrive to assist you. This is a positive step in our view, and not every medical monitoring service around takes this step to assure your safety.

Security packages start from as little as $18.95 a month, but Ackerman Security keep their cards very close to their chest when it comes to revealing any pricing details beyond that. You need to make a personal inquiry to find out the potential cost of their products and services, though quotations are provided for free. There is barely any information provided on the medical monitoring services they provide and to learn more, all customers are required to contact customer services. This is, however, very difficult, and to get any information from them you are required to fill out your name, phone number, email address and home address. This is far too much information for a simple quotation and really is an irritation because who wants to hand out such personal details just to find out how much a service is going to cost? Come on Ackerman, this needs rethinking! What's more, you can only access their services in a few limited areas in the US, making it useless for most people.

AckermanSecurity.com might provide the best medical monitoring service around, but due to an unwillingness to share information you'll never know about it. Their quotation process is somewhat intrusive, and they really seem to have taken almost no effort in producing a decent page to tell you about their medical monitoring services. In short, unless you already have a security package with them and are happy to continue with their services, it probably makes sense to look elsewhere.

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