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Monitronics Review

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Monitronics is perhaps better known for offering home security but it also provides medical alert systems from $34.95 a month. These packages come with home security features which can be used to help keep you safe in your home but also to allow your friends and family to keep an eye on you, or even to let paramedics in using a mobile device. 

The basic medical alert package seems very simplistic, even stripped back as its main selling point is a communications device and a pendant. However if you're willing to pay a little extra then there are several features that might be worth considering. In particular, you can take advantage of the camera options provided in the home security packages. These could be used to check on a family member in their home, either regularly or just when there is an emergency. You can also control the house locks remotely, which will allow you to open the door and window locks using a mobile device. If you're feeling unable to get to the door then this could really be of use. Alternatively the ability to unlock your doors can be given to a neighbour or family member, who can also allow the emergency services in should you be unable to. 

Clients' devices are monitored around the clock, meaning that you are able to push the “help” button on your pendant at any time of the day or night. This alerts the support team to a potential medical emergency in your home, and they can get in touch, or even send the emergency services if there is no reply or you feel you need immediate assistance. 

We were disappointed by the lack of information provided on the website. It really tells you very little about the service or devices, and therefore it's difficult to decide whether or not it would be a wise investment. If you look at our home security reviews you'll see that Monitronics does deliver high quality equipment and services, but they need to go into more detail about how those devices can be applied to medical alert services. They also make no real effort to explain details such as the sort of communication you will have in an emergency, or any additional features such as storing your medical data to share with paramedics. Over all it feels a little bit of a second thought and that their real focus is on security systems. 

Those things aside, the website is designed clearly and it's simple to navigate between the various services on offer. There are also a number of information points that could be handy, such as video tutorials, an FAQ, and a blog that provide information on a range of topics. Although the customer service has won awards, we felt that the site would benefit from a live chat option, and the ability to email specific departments. You'll also need to call to request a quote on any service you're interested in, and this will probably need to involve an in depth discussion as to the ins and outs of the medical alert services and how they can help you.

Monitronics may be a big hitter in home security but its less impressive efforts at medical monitoring make it hard to recommend above many of its peers. If you're interested in home security and medical monitoring then it could be worth giving them a call to see how each device could be used, what you can hope to expect and how much the whole package will cost.

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