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Category: Medical Alert Systems
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Comfort Keepers Review

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If you're looking for a comprehensive medical alert service with all the technological gizmos you could hope for then ComfortKeepers could be your haven. Each of these devices serves a clear purpose though and they are each well designed, potentially fitting more comfortably into the home than the more common white plastic cousins that you'll find from other such companies.

As well as round-the-clock monitoring, you can choose from a range of well conceived devices, each of which will serve a unique and vital function. Let's consider each of these key devices in a little detail: the personal emergency response system acts as sort of telephone, linking you with the staff at the control centre with just a push of a button. There's no dialling involved, so in the case of an emergency you don't need to worry about remembering numbers or being steady enough to push the right buttons. There are several to choose from, including devices which use your land line or work on a cellular network. The two-way voice pendant is a similar device but it can be carried around the neck, like a necklace. This is great if something should happen and  you can't make it to your main response system. Meanwhile the auto fall sensor can be a real life saver, quite literally, because it knows when someone has fallen down and will contact the team for assistance. The TabSafe Medication Dispensing Solution helps with self medicating. You simply put the drugs into the various compartments and then program the quantities required and the times they are needed, and it sends the drugs out, alerting the recipient that they ought to take them. Various sensors are also available to prevent confused loved ones from leaving the home, or to detect smoke and carbon monoxide emissions. Bedside pressure mats also detect falls in key areas around the home (such as the bed). 

As you can see, ComfortKeepers seem to have thought of pretty much everything. However they do not provide additional wall mounted help buttons, and a couple of other optional extras such as ID tags or devices that work outside the home, so we think there's still room for improvement. Also, we feel they could improve when it comes to first contact with potential customers. At the moment you can only contact sales by calling them, or by submitting an in-site message. A live chat option would really help to make any response to a query much quicker. That said, there is plenty of information on the site, but this isn't always that easy to read if you struggle with your eyesight. The only other downside to this site is that they do not provide pricing, instead you need to make an inquiry and to discuss what you'll need with the sales team, which can be a bit of a pain because you might have a budget in mind and will have to call around to see what you can get for your money.

All in all we thought that ComfortKeepers offered a superior range of products and services. They have most bases covered, but their lack of pricing, the need to call them up and the potentially overwhelming amount of information on their website might not suit everyone. That said, they're certainly worth checking out if you're looking for a tailored medical alert service to suit you.

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