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LifeStation Review

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Whether you're looking for immediate help for an elderly family member, someone with a health condition or just want to be cautious in the home, LifeStation.com provides 24/7 monitoring and assistance in the case of a medical emergency. Its model is simple, but perhaps to its detriment. 

There are several things that Life Station does right: it supports its customers with well trained staff, makes sure there is plenty of human communication (rather than speaking to a machine) and provides a waterproof help button. This is good to see because it means that you have a caring voice at the other end of the phone. They also make sure that two agents take each call, one to talk to the client and one to find the necessary help, so you won't be stuck with a distracted member of staff. So what's not to like?

Well, the range of devices available is very limited and this could be a problem for some people. With just a pendant/button or the option to make a call using the two-way voice system, there's not a great deal more help in the case of an emergency. Some might like the option to install a video monitoring system so the family can keep an eye on a relative, or to have a series of help buttons running through the home. If you take the pendant off to take a shower, and then you need medical assistance, you might find yourself in a sticky situation.

It's good to see that the staff receive a basic 6 weeks of training, and are frequently assessed. After all, when it comes to your health you don't want to take any risks. The system is also tested once a week to make sure that it is working efficiently, and it has a 32 hour back up power battery life should you have a power cut. 

There is really only one package to choose from on this website, but prices vary depending on the length of your contract. Of course, a longer contract means a cheaper monthly rate. At less than $1 a day we felt that LifeStation offered pretty good value for money, but since it has no optional extras and a lack of devices, it cannot fully compete with some of its major competitors. If you feel that you or a family member might benefit from the services on offer from Life Station then you can order a brochure to be sent to an address in the US, which is a small but meaningful gesture because it means that anyone who is not particularly handy with computers can still read about what this company has to offer. 

Life Station offers a relatively low cost medical alert system, but it could be too simplistic for some. The devices it has are fine and its staff are well trained, but if you're looking for anything extra then we recommend looking at a few other sites.

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