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When you have an accident or fall ill it can be hard to recall everything that a paramedic or doctor might need to know to treat you. There may even be times when you're not able to speak or you become confused, and this can be dangerous if you're needing emergency assistance. As such, MedicAlert.org provides a range of services and some very simple products to help you relay the correct information to medical professionals.

Miscommunication could have very serious consequences in medical emergencies. With Medic Alert you are provided with a few key things to help make sure that your medical information is accurate. Firstly, you regularly update any medical information you have, and this is stored securely with their team. In the case of an emergency they can be contacted and relay any of your medical information to a paramedic, who can then make an informed decision on what to do. How does the medic know to call them? Well you are given a tag and a wallet card that informs them that you're a member of MedicAlert and that they should contact them immediately if you've a medical emergency. What's more, the staff are medically trained so they can understand what they're talking about when they are providing this information. Often people can be come confused in a medical emergency and won't necessarily remember information correctly, so this service can be vital.

Other important services focus on after care. For example, your friends and family can be contacted for you, should you need to go to hospital. This is no doubt a massive reassurance because it means you won't need to be trying to remember how to contact them, and it can sometimes be difficult to identify someone and find their family if you're not carrying ID. As well as this, MedicAlert offers a Wandering Assistance Service, which helps you to find friends or family who may (from confusion, Alzheimer's or dementia, for example) have gone missing. They will contact friends and family to help search for the individual. Of course many of these services depends on the fact that you wear your ID tag, and that's what we'll come to next.

The ID tags are a simple idea but potentially very effective. Medic Alert offers a variety of well designed tags for children and adults, meaning that you don't need to wear something very obviously for medical purposes. Instead it can suit what you're wearing, whilst still providing the necessary information for medical specialists. 

MedicAlert.org doesn't provide a 24 hour monitoring service with emergency alarms, so if you're interested in this service you'll need to check a few of our other reviews. However, it does provide simple, cheap services to help maintain your medical records, which can help to save lives if you or a loved one becomes unable to accurately give their medical information to a trained professional. If you're especially cautious then it may even be a good idea to have both kinds of service available, just in case. This is particularly useful to a family who has a fairly extensive medical history, or is inclined to forget information. Of course the alternative is that you simply purchase a tag and engrave it with the name of a reliable friend of family member who can relay this information for you, but this isn't always an option and you may not want to trouble them. Either way, Medic Alert offers an honest and useful service for a fair price.

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