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Bay Alarm Medical Review

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Bay Alarm Medical has been going since the 1940s, making it an experienced and reliable company which specialises in medical emergencies. It now offers a medical alert system, utilising simple but effective technologies that will send help to you when you need it most. However, whilst many aspects of the site are reassuringly professional and well conceived, there are a few devices and services lacking which we would like to see added to the packages available.

Let's first consider the overall appeal of Bay Alarm. This is a company with decades of experience, and they seem to have covered most things that could pop up in a medical emergency. For example, they provide a vial of life, a small, durable information sheet that can be kept on your person so that your medical history can be made available to paramedics should you be unable to speak to them on their arrival. You can also purchase additional devices such as extra buttons (for other family members, or simply so you have a spare), instal wall mounted buttons and more. This shows that they have thought about the needs of their customers in real life situations. However there are a few chinks in this armour. A major one is that there is no fall detection service, which would automatically alert the staff to contact you if you have fallen down. Another worry is that the life vial could simply end up in a drawer somewhere in the house as many people wouldn't bother to carry it around with them. A better system would be for the medical alert team to keep a record of your medical history, which they could then relay to the paramedics. It's these small touches that could make all the difference.

There are several packages to choose from, although there's little difference between them other than the price. That said, you can choose between a land-line based service and a cellular service. The cellular service is considerably more expensive over time, but if you have no land line then it's probably the better option as paying for a land line just for this would be an expensive option. Each package comes with a lifetime price guarantee, meaning you won't suddenly have an increased payment to make. So there's some financial security here too.

The site's blog is updated regularly so there's always some useful advice to read. This is good to see as many sites can let their blogs fade away over time so everything that is said can be quite dated. There is also an FAQ to check for answers to key questions, or you can contact customer services by phone, email or through an online message. It's also great to see that they have multi-lingual staff, making BayAlarmMedical a good choice for anyone whose first language is not English.

Whilst the packages on offer do provide good value for money, the amount of equipment provided for free is very limited. We anticipate that most people would want to purchase additional devices to make their home fully equipped should there be a medical emergency. But that's for you to decide. Bay Alarm is certainly a decent choice, but it may not have everything you need, especially if you're a little unsteady on your feet.

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