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Alert 1 Medical Alert System Review

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Unlike many medical alert services, Alert-1 is dedicated only to medical alert services. This has a number of potential benefits including staff who are more conscious of the specific needs of its clients, a dedicated response centre and no need to pay for services you don't require. The pricing structure is simple, although it does lack some choice.

For anyone looking for just a medical alert system, and not a company which specializes in home security but provides medical alerts as an aside,  Alert-1.com could appeal. All of its efforts go towards providing assistance in the case of a medical emergency, meaning that when you have an emergency you're going to specialists in that field. This has a number of potential knock on effects, such as the fact that when contacting the staff you won't need to wait in a queue of people who have had their homes broken into. It is also trusted by over 10,000 medical professionals and services over 170,000 elderly people. 

There are three packages to choose from although there's really no difference between them except for the fact that longer contract periods reduce the day-by-day cost of the services. You will receive a central communication pod with a large “emergency” button on it, which links you directly to Alert-1 staff. You will also receive a wristband and pendant which perform similarly, although they're a little clunky and not the most fetching designs to wear incognito. The devices, however, are as effective as any other. You can also purchase optional extra devices, which include extra medical alert buttons, wall mounted emergency buttons, emergency lock boxes, voice extenders, MedReady medication dispensers and a surge guard. These aren't particularly cheap (especially the MedReady Medical Dispenser, which is $149.950) but then again if you want to have several more emergency buttons around the house, then it's probably worth it at just under $40 per button.

What's missing here is a bit more choice. More emergency buttons are all well and good but there are devices missing that seem pretty essential in today's market, including a fall detector. There could also be more variety to the packages that are available, with some including extra buttons as standard, or a premium service. It's simple but just feels a bit too simple for anyone looking for that little bit extra. At just $0.87 a day the Gold plan offers one of the lowest prices around, and all packages include free spouse service

Alert 1 is a solid choice for medical alert systems. It has a long history, is relied upon by thousands and is dedicated to just one thing: medical alert systems. However it doesn't offer the range of products and services we'd hope to see, so it isn't necessarily a service for everyone.

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