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Category: Medical Alert Systems
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LifeShield Security Review

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LifeShield offers an affordable and reliable medical alert service that provides flexibility through offering several security packages. Each of these packages includes free medical emergency monitoring and includes the necessary equipment. Plus, you have the option to install them for yourself or to hire a professional to do it for you. Although the medical services come as part of the security packages, this isn't ideal for everyone (especially if you don't want or need a home security package).

If you're worried about the aesthetics of a security and medical response system then LifeShield's equipment might not be for you. Set in white plastic, it looks a little cheap. However, you can place sensors in spaces that are less noticeable. Also, the Home Screen Touchpad, through which you control and interact with the various alarm system, has a more attractive and modern appearance, resembling an iPad. 

The medical alert service is fairly standard. Essentially you just push a panic button and then the monitoring station will get in touch with you through one of several two-way communication devices. If you need the emergency services to call by then the Life Shield staff will ask them to come to your address, providing the necessary information to the paramedics. There's nothing really to make this stand out from what is the usual protocol, but with the various door lock and mobile app options you do have a few extra features that could prove useful.

For $6 a month extra (above the value package) you can include extra sensors, including fire safety sensors which is great if you're a little worried about fire risks and need some new alarms. For a further $5 you can have a system which includes video options so that you can check on a family or friend visually, contacting emergency services for yourself if you think it's necessary. Otherwise, this could also serve as a useful technique to see who is at the door when it rings. You can also unlock doors remotely, which is a great way to let paramedics into the house if you're not able to get to the door. Overall, if you don't mind the somewhat cheap-looking sensors, we feel this offers very good value for money.

The website is well constructed and tells you much of the standard information you need, such as the key differences between the packages available, how much they cost and how to contact customer services. The site includes an FAQ and information on how to use the equipment in the form of a troubleshooting guide. You can also check customer reviews to see if they felt they were getting a good service for their money, which could help to inform your decision. However more instructions on the installation and maintenance of the devices, perhaps in the form of video tutorials, would be handy. A video outlining the process of requesting medical assistance could also be handy for any individual who would prefer to watch a presentation rather than read a guide.

We were generally impressed with LifeShield. By offering their medical alert services for free, as part of a home security package, they're killing two birds with one stone. However if you already have a home security package, or you're not interested in having one, then it might not be the best choice for you.

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