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Category: Medical Alert Systems
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There are hundreds of products available from SmartHome, but we shall be focusing on those that are designed to help you in the case of a medical emergency. All of these devices are simple but effective, putting you in touch with the emergency services and/or family and friends should you need help in the home.

The main product on offer is the Guardian Alert 911. This is a small device worn around the neck (or in your pocket) which allows an immediate connection to the emergency services. You simply push a button and then can speak with the 911 operator, hands free if you need to. This device also comes with a docking station for recharging, meaning that you won't need to pop out to the shops every week to pick up new batteries. Of course it is important to remember that you need to charge the device regularly to prevent it from draining and becoming useless. 

If you're looking for something a bit more automated then you can purchase the Skylink ED-100 or AD-105. Each of these allows you to send recorded messages to a pre-set group of people, as well as the emergency services. This means that if you should have a fall or need help, then you can quickly and simply contact up to 9 people who can come to your aid. You can also purchase sensors, such as pressure pads, which link in to these devices and will automatically make a call when they detect anything is amiss.

You're not purchasing a monitoring service with SmartHome Guardian Alert, rather you are buying the hardware. None of this equipment requires a monitoring service, however, because it links you directly to the emergency services. The benefit of this is that you don't need to go through a middle man, saving you time in an emergency. However, this isn't always ideal in a situation where a sensor has been set off accidentally. That said, it's better to accidentally send out an ambulance, rather than risk not receiving one when you most need it. Another benefit to this non-monitored service is that it saves you money. There are no monthly fees or set up costs to pay, so you know exactly how much everything is going to cost you overall. 

Whilst the site does offer a lot of devices for home automation, we would like to see more made available for medical emergencies. Those it has are simple and effective, but somewhat limited. Meanwhile the website provides a basic amount of information which could be expanded upon. It can be hard to tell the difference between the products available and how they might be best put to use. However it is good to see that Smart Home has a learning centre for its customers, providing information on staying safe, with video tutorials and helpful tips and tricks. You can also opt to have a hard copy of their catalogue sent out to a postal address, if you feel that a friend or family member would prefer to read it in that format (rather than browsing the website). 

SmartHome Guardian Alert 911 is a simple system that puts you in direct contact with the emergency services. This saves you time and money in the case of an emergency, but its automatic systems might become an irritation if you set them off by accident. There's also no monitoring service offered, so it's not ideal for everybody. Still, it's certainly worth taking a look to decide whether or not their products will suit your budget and needs.

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