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With three different medical alert systems available, Medical Guardian offers one of the most diverse medical alert services available. Its system is simple but practical, helping to deliver medical support when you need it most.

First let's consider the three different packages available to you. The in-home medical alert system includes a base unit, a pendant and a bracelet. Each of these has an emergency button, allowing you to speak immediately to a support worker who will talk to you and check that you're okay. If there is a medical emergency then they can send out the emergency services to help you. This service has received well over 500 reviews and scores very highly with customers, showing that it offers a useful service at a fair price. The package includes a range of 400ft from the base (so it will work around the home), 72 hour battery life (in case of a power cut) and the portable devices are all waterproof, should you wish to wear them in the shower. Medical Guardian also keep your emergency contact details on file so they can contact your friends and family if anything happens. 

The mobile alert system offers a similar service to the standard in-home service, but also allows you to venture further away and uses GPS technology to determine your location. This means that if you have an accident whilst outside, the alerted team will be able to identify exactly where you are even if you're unable to speak. A main cellular phone-like device comes with a recharging point so that you won't have to keep buying new batteries each time you want to head outside. Meanwhile the fall alert system is able to detect when you have fallen down, and automatically contacts the team for help. According to MedicalGuardian.com, it's “proven to be the world's most reliable fall detection solution”, which is no small feat. 

The cost of these services is about industry standard, although if you want fall detection plus one of the alert packages then you will end up paying considerably more than a basic package. Still, this offers high quality, simple to use equipment for a decent price. The devices aren't the most aesthetically pleasing on the market but nor are they the ugliest. Their design is a simple white plastic pendant/box with a coloured button to request assistance. Responses are human, rather than automated, meaning that you'll hear a reassuring voice at the other end. Staff are well trained and able to calmly deal with your medical emergency, calling the emergency services to your exact location when needed. 

MedicalGuardian doesn't always go above and beyond its call of duty, with a somewhat limited range of devices. However it does offer an impressive range and quality of service, as well as product videos and several ways to contact customer services. Simplicity is the key to their products, so if you are looking for an affordable, effective medical alert service then it's certainly worth considering.

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