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Category: Medical Alert Systems
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CPI Security may focus on securing your home from intrusion but their technologies and services can extend to medical emergencies. Their personal pendant package offers a wide range of devices for a low initial cost, allowing you not only to request help but also allowing your family or friends to check on you visually should you need assistance. 

It is perhaps important to remember that this isn't, strictly speaking, a medical alert service. However, when you trigger an alarm you will be put in direct contact with the customer support team at the central control centre, who will then ask about any problems. There could be a risk here, though, that they simply assume your alarms have triggered because of a break in, rather than a medical emergency. If you aim to use this system primarily as a medical alert service then you should certainly have a conversation with the sales team to make sure that it will suit your needs.

The benefit of CPI is that they provide a few extra devices that you don't normally get. These are particularly useful if you have a family who might want to keep an extra eye on you in case anything should happen. For example the pendant package comes with an HD camera with night vision. If you had a fall in the night and pressed your alarm, your family could be alerted and could then check on how you are from their mobile device, calling you to make sure you're okay or giving you some instructions on what to do. Of course this also adds to the security of your home, should you have a break in. As well as this, you can also control your door locks using a mobile device. Again, if you're unwell you may not be able to get to the door to unlock it, so being able to do this from your phone or tablet is a real life saver. These devices aren't necessarily designed for this use, but you can see how they might be applied to help you in the case of a medical emergency.

The price of this service is a little unclear. At less than $30 per month this is fantastic value, but that price is only available for the first three months and the site makes no assertion as to how long your contract will last or what the usual price will be. Instead you are required to make a call to find out, as some costs can depend on your location, what you need installing and how long you aim to use the service for.

CPI Security offers some great technology that could be a huge help in the case of a medical emergency. However if you do think you're interested in this package then you should call up and speak with a member of the sales team to make sure that their services will meet your requirements, and to check on how much it is going to cost you for however long you wish to use it. In particular, people who would like their friends or family to be able to keep an eye on them and contact them will benefit from the devices on offer here.

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